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Path helps students find the careers and majors that make sense for them, based on their unique personality and interests.

With Path, students tell us who they are so we can tell them who they can be. Try it out for yourself and find your path now.

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We match students to the schools that fit them the best. You can compare colleges side-by-side, calculate your chances, and talk with a real admissions officer so you’re never left wondering. Create your profile and start getting matched.


The Planner breaks down the application process step-by-step, so you can stay focused and always know what’s left on your plate.

Parents and guidance counselors can view student progress and help out when needed. Create a profile to start planning your college experience.

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You should pick a college based on who you are, not what colleges you already know about. SchooLinks makes searching for college a breeze by focusing on things you care about like location, majors, ranking, and popularity.

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