A Modern College and Career Readiness Platform

SchooLinks is a complete set of tools to enable K-12 school districts to improve student performance and empower educators

Support the entire student planning journey with a single platform.

From educating younger learners about potential careers, helping explore and apply to colleges, or finding that entry level position to jumpstart a career - SchooLinks can support your entire district. 

A Single Platform for
College and Career Readiness

Traditional CCR Offerings
College Search
Career Exploration
Unique Experiences
Indicator Tracking
Alumni Network
Elementary Level CCR
Industry Partnerships
Separate Platforms
NCR Reports
Rep Visit
Service Hour Tracking

Designed to be Student First

An intuitive platform with gamified assessments makes it fun for students to use and learn.

Reduce friction between students and administrators
Students can easily set up their own to-do lists, favorite the colleges of their choice, etc. 
User experience matches the most popular apps and systems used by students today

Supercharge Your Counseling and CTE Departments

See what the students have done in real-time (activities, assessments, favorites, notes on colleges, college and career goals, etc.), to see a student's trajectory and interests in their own plans.

Pre-configured yet highly customizable college and career readiness curriculum
Have the data to know what is impacting students’ futures
Offer different content and tools based on student’s post-secondary path

Bring the Real World Into Your District

If you are preparing students for the real world, you need to involve the world. Invite partners to participate in events and track their participation - as well as student excitement - in a single platform.

On-Demand mentorship allows your students to connect with real world professionals and understand careers
Industry Partner Portal offers a single place for you industry partners to engage with your district
Allow students to explore local and national jobs to get ahead

Reporting Made Easy

By using the same system for state readiness indicators and compliance, you can free up your staff’s time to be spent on students instead of manual data tracking.

Alumni tracking ensures you are relating district activity to student outcomes
Democratize data access so your counselors, advisors and teachers have the data to intervene to impact student outcomes
Making data easy for everyone to understand by visualizing and filters data down to the answer you need

Get Parents Invested, Not Just Involved

Keeping parents informed and everyone on the same page is an important piece of post-secondary planning. SchooLinks’ Family Engagement portal allows parents to explore their students’ pathways, keep track of their progress and communicate with counselors.

Make parents and teachers invested partners in a students planning
Minimize miscommunication by offering email and text alert for parent tasks
Digitize paper-and-pencil processes so parents don’t miss opportunities

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