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Work-Based Learning

Bring speakers into the classroom, enable students to explore careers, connect career goals to course planning, and help students find internships and opportunities.

What is Work-Based Learning or WBL?

Work-based learning (WBL) describes a broad set of learning experiences that place students in real-world work settings. WBL experiences provide opportunities for students to explore potential career interests, fields, or professional settings and help students determine whether they want to engage further in future training or career choices.

SchooLinks takes WBL to a new level. We help districts promote opportunities with students, but we help your district develop long-term and trusting relationships with your local and regional businesses to establish avenues for collaboration. Through this collaboration, your district can create scalable workflows to support the needs of your students and community.

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Enhanced Process for
Engaging Work-Based Learning

SchooLinks' WBL solution allows you to leverage a robust set of features
through the journey of your district’s WBL process.

Step 1: Career Exploration & Education

The Career Center provides students with opportunities to learn about different career clusters and careers. Career profiles educate students on minimum education requirements, salary information, and mentor videos from professionals in the industry.

Screenshot Of Schoolinks Career Center
Connecting students with the Opportunities portal to find volunteer work with a wide range of service organizations
Districts can list their own local volunteer partners
Alignment with District Pathways to discover career and technical programs offered at schools throughout your district.

Step 2: Outreach & Recruitment

Enable the departments within your organization to establish workflows for managing partnerships with local businesses and establish methods of communicating opportunities to students.

Event Scheduling for career fairs or resume workshops
Customizable database of local industry partners with optional employer account member portal
National industry partner network
Screenshot Of SchooLinks Industry Partner Database

Step 3: Structured
Collaboration & Engagement

Identify opportunities to build out in the SchooLinks WBL solution:

A screenshot of a report center page.
Registration, coordination, and tracking for industry partner events
Post opportunities (internships, jobs, etc) for students to apply offsite
Match students or alumni to opportunities submitted by industry partners
Manage application process, communication, compliance, and evaluation

Step 4: Data Collection & Reporting

Track requirements, evaluation questions, file uploads, and supervisor/school staff verification process:

Experience tracking for graduation requirements - volunteer hours, internships, etc.
Student or staff-driven time and participation tracking for all WBL experiences
Reporting for state requirements & Perkins V
Program evaluation through a robust embedded survey/form framework
Automatically incorporate WBL data within SchooLinks state accountability data tracker
A screenshot of a report center page.

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