Best Practices for Personalized Learning Plans

Reach 100% Completion Of Student Personalized Learning Plans.

What is a Personalized Learning Plan or PLP?

Research suggests that students need to understand the relevance of what they are learning as it relates to their future.

Several states have created mandates for similar documentation using terms such as “individualized learning plans” or “academic and career plans”. In order to comply with these mandates, several districts have completed PLP’s on paper and pencil, or used several different technology platforms to gather the required data.

SchooLinks gives students and staff the ability to complete all PLP-related activities in a sequence that helps students understand the relationship between academics and postsecondary opportunities. Districts save time and resources with a convenient reporting dashboard, without the worry of manual data entry or maintaining paper/pen documents.

Personalized Learning Plan Screen ExamplePLP Dashboard In SchooLinksIndividual Learning Plans Signature

Four steps to a successful district-wide PLP implementation

Organize the expected activities & required outcomes

Organizing the PLP process ensures there are measurable milestones to track progress.

Scope and Sequence Dashboard From SchooLinks
Breaking down silos and streamline activities with the support of multiple departments
Scope & Sequence development ensures that the correct stakeholders are involved and the expectations of student learning outcomes are clearly defined

Educate Stakeholders on the process

Building awareness gets buy-in and support on the PLP process.

Ensure students understand the purpose and importance of their PLP
Explain the utility of day-to-day activities completed in SchooLinks will populate the PLP 
Educate parents on the importance of the PLP and how they will review and provide an electronic signature
Personalized Plans Student Dashboard

Execute the district-wide framework

Stakeholders take the lessons and activities to the classroom to share with students and families.

A screenshot of a report center page.
SchooLinks overall platform makes it so you don’t have to do manual data entry of paper/pen activities
Day-to-day activities, such as goal setting and course planning, will automatically fill in the proper sections within the PLP
Electronic signature ensures that everyone - Counselors, parent/guardians - have reviewed and signed off on the plan

PLP Data tracking & reporting

A simple dashboard let’s counselors know what is missing; whether it is a guardian signature or a student missing an activity. It is convenient and quick to see where additional support is needed.
Utilize the suite of SchooLinks report on the components of the PLP from academic plans to career goals.
Report Center For PLP Tracking

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