K5 program is to help students gain social-emotional skills to prepare them for the ever-changing world

Extend college and career readiness to K-5

Use age appropriate lessons and content to expand students understanding of their options.

Know the SEL Progress of Your Students

Use quick check-ins and analytics to see SEL progression and activity effectiveness.

Profile and Lessons that Grow with Your Students

Single platform to track your students' progress from Kindergarten past graduation and beyond.

Enhance Classroom Growth with Grade Specific Pre-Built Lessons

Easily adapt to changing classroom needs with pre-built lesson plans specifically built for SEL and career exploration.

  • Lesson library of prebuilt activities with breakdowns by curriculum level and activity type
  • Activities cover career exploration and SEL
  • Easily folded in to existing lesson plans

Understand the SEL Progression of students and classrooms

Use quick check-ins and pre-built analytics to adjust your schedule based on the SEL progression of your students

  • Do quick check-ins to know how your students are doing
  • Check-ins can be done by the student or bulk uploaded by teachers
  • Adjust your resources - either right then or in the future - based on your students' needs

Enable Your Youngest Students to do Career Exploration

Designed specifically for young learners - simple layout, read-to-me, etc. - to learn and progress rather than be overwhelmed.

  • Careers are segmented by grade to ensure we aren’t overwhelming young learners (e.g. vocab building, reading level, etc.)
  • Surveys and assessments have images to help them answer questions
  • Read-to-me feature ensures students who cannot read can still take assessments/surveys
  • Career Center shows clusters based on their interests