True Results Happen After Graduation

Keep track of alumni - whether they attend college, enter the workforce, or both - to understand your work's impact.

Track Post Secondary Outcomes And Build Your Alumni Network

The mission of K-12 school districts is to prepare students to be successful members of their community. That means building careers and having basic life skills such as financial literacy. These things happen after graduation.

SchooLinks lets districts know what is working by tying their work directly to post-graduation outcomes. Track college movements - transfers, dropouts, and graduations - as well as career opportunities to understand how your district is impacting your community.

A screenshot of the SchooLinks user interfaceA screenshot of SchooLinks user interfaceScreenshot of SchooLinks interface.

Tie Post-Graduation Outcomes to District Initiatives

Use outcomes from previous years' graduations to know what is working and what needs improvement.

A screenshot of SchooLinks user interface
Keep track of which students got into college, transferred to another college, dropped out, or graduated
Understand how your district is filling local jobs and building careers
Level-up your advisory program with built-in alumni caseload management

Accountability And Support That Doesn't End On Graduation Day

Automatically populate graduate outcomes in SchooLinks for reporting and analytics.

Capture and report on state requirements such as work experience, seals, badges, and more
Combine state requirements with district requirements to make it easy for students to be informed
Digitally capture state requirements - such as FAFSA - for both reporting and intervention
A screenshot of SchooLinks user interface

Built In Alumni Network And Support

Connect students' interests with alumni in those careers.

A screenshot of a report center page.
SchooLinks is free for students for life - students simply convert their account to an alumni account without losing data or needing to do extra work
Share reports and views with every departments within the district
Research careers and ask questions to real industry experts as they prepare to enter the workforce themselves

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