College Exploration And Application Management

Simplify the exploration and management of colleges for your students and staff.

College Exploration

Use intuitive filters to  explore thousands of 4-year, 2-year, and technical / certificate programs all in one spot. Easily organize colleges by lists and collaborate on an application strategy with counselors, career advisors, and guardians.  

Streamlined Application and Document Management

SchooLinks comes preloaded with all college application requirements. Make it easy by auto-populating Common App forms, bulk sending documents, and more.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of students through the entire process - from exploring and applying to colleges, submitting necessary documents (like transcripts or letters of recommendation), and where students end up.

Simplify College Exploration For Students and Guardians

Finding the right college is about more than test scores. It is about finding the next step for students' learning. That is why SchooLinks comes with intuitive filters from multiple data sources to help students find the right place for them.

  • Filter schools by location; 4-year, 2-year, and technical/certificate programs; campus types; extracurriculars; and more
  • Favorite schools and create lists to keep options organized
  • Explore scattergram and probability of admissions
  • Enable everyone - counselors, teachers, students, and guardians/parents - on specific college and decisions

Streamline College Application Processes for Students and Staff

Nothing should prevent a student from applying to a college of their choosing. That is why SchooLinks advanced document request and management system ensures that no requirement is missed.

  • Enable students and staff to track all of their applications in one place
  • Prioritize applications based on interest, see upcoming deadlines, and keep counselors updated with status-tracking
  • Easily request and delivery Transcripts and letters of recommendations securely

Understand Student Progress and Status with Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Processes and workflows are only valuable if everyone is on the same page. SchooLinks ensures that everyone can see college exploration and planning status by school, grade, cohort, and even student.

  • Break down college planning into specific steps for your students
  • Easily drill down on specific tasks and bulk message students with reminders
  • Track the outcomes of where students end up