Spend More Time With Your Students

Swap the time that you spend manually entering data, tracking down students, and filling out forms - and spend it with your students

Easily View And Monitor Student Activity — And School Outcomes

By building a student-centered platform, SchooLinks' makes it easy for Counselors and Career Advisors to see whether their students are on track to hit their goals.

See which colleges interest them, the careers they are exploring, and check in on graduation requirements with just a few clicks - the actionable data on SchooLinks clears the way for positive student outcomes.

Screenshot of SchooLinks interface.A screenshot of SchooLinks user interfaceScreenshot of SchooLinks interface.

Drive Organic Adoption & Engagement

When you have a platform that students want to use, you don’t have to spend time nagging them to use it.

A screenshot of SchooLinks user interface
Students can easily set up their own to-do lists, favorite colleges they love, set career goals, and more
User experience matches the most popular apps and systems - meaning no training required
An end-to-end student journey - from early exploration to real-world action - in one seamless experience

Support Your Entire Caseload

Always know exactly where every student is in the college/career planning journey

Review student activity completion in the aggregate or at an individual level
Report on the entire student profile - certifications, awards, course completions, and outcomes
Elementary experience designed to educate younger learners
A screenshot of SchooLinks user interface

One System For All Student Activities

Stop logging in to different systems for college readiness, career planning, and student records.

A screenshot of SchooLinks user interface
Keep track of custom requirements such as badges or experience hours
Monitor career interest and college exploration from 1 platform
Easily capture meetings and notes within a student's case file

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