Career Essentials

Ensure all students have equitable access to local work-based learning opportunities that help them connect the classroom to the real world.

Career Exploration

There are more careers out there than students are aware of from their immediate family and social media. Help them understand the growing jobs in their area and find the careers based on their interest.

Community Building with Local and National Companies

With the only K-12 specific CRM, SchooLinks helps you create and manage relationships with industry partners.

Opportunity Discovery and Placement

Help students find local opportunities - internships, apprenticeships, etc. - whether that is on their own or placed by a trusted district administrator.

K-12 Specific Career Exploration Experience

Students shouldn’t be basing their career options on what they see around them. SchooLinks offers a guided experience that allows them to understand how their interests map to careers, what jobs are growing in their area, and the plan to enter that career.

  • Start as early as elementary school
  • Career industry assessments to kick off exploration
  • Teacher guided lessons that translate to workplace soft skills
  • Understand the most common careers in your area

Create and Manage Relationships with Local and National Companies

Stop organizing company relationships in Excel or Google Sheet. Unlock that data and let your entire district - teachers, counselors, and career advisors - utilize your community to increase WBL opportunities.

  • Enable local employers to create profiles with most important information to your district and students
  • Offer a scalable method for reaching out and keeping track of company partners - preferred partnerships
  • Automatically map employers to district career clusters for easy outreach on district initiatives
  • Flexible CRM allows you to make custom fields and columns to accommodate district priorities

Help Students Find Jobs and Place Them In Opportunities

Whether it is done asynchronously via the SchooLinks Opportunity section, allowing students to apply for jobs based on their own interests, or enabling staff to place students in the best opportunities for them, SchooLinks enables students to find age appropriate, K-12 specific jobs and opportunities.

  • Create a scalable WBL program without requiring additional hiring or headcount
  • Curate opportunities for students - internships, jobs, etc. - in their area
  • Manage application and use digital processes to place students in the programs that are right for them