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Back-To-School: What To Know

Posted August 19, 2015

School is back in session after a long summer break. We hope to help students come back fully prepared, so read below for tips and advice from educators, professionals, and alumni, as well as items students should consider for their College years.



Shripal Shah

Shripal Shah is the COO of MOKO Social Media and a former executive with Washington Redskins. He has worked very closely on MOKO's development of REC*IT, the official mobile app of collegiate intramural sports. The free app has vastly improved student participation in college IM sports on 950+ U.S. campuses.


1 in 3 college students don't make it back for their sophomore year. While reasons vary, lack of structure plays a big role in the dropout rate. In order to help ease the transition, some form of structure needs to be implemented back into their lives. Thus, Shirpal recommends that students join clubs that keep them engaged, and more specifically, intramural sports. IM sports can be a great outlet to retain good habits, giving students a familiar sense of responsibility as they adjust to the fast-paced nature of higher education.



Madeline Boehmer

Madeline Boehmer graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013. Now she works as a Communications Specialist for SheerID Inc.


“A lot of incoming college freshman don't realize that they can start getting student discounts before their first semester starts. Many retailers will accept a registration document, a class schedule, or sometimes even a letter of acceptance as proof of university enrollment if you don't have your school ID yet. Since incoming freshman are likely to need electronics, software, and stuff for their dorm rooms, the savings can really add up!”



Bob Neuman

Dean Bob Neuman is a national expert in the academic and personal development of college-bound students, college preparation, and college success. For more than 25 years, he advised more than 12,000 college students and parents at Marquette University.


“Evaluate last semester. Write down your good habits. Plan to develop them. List your bad habits and recall mistakes. Write down specific ways to avoid/overcome them. Be honest.”




The Nixplay frames enable you to manage your favorite photos across any storage device, social media or photo sharing platform.


Nixplay frames are a perfect for students who want a quick and convenient way to share an abundance of photos with their parents back at home. Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox, Flikr are just a few integrations that work with the frame, so students can really share plenty of photos via the cloud. The frame also saves energy by turning off when idle, and it has a sensor that turns the frame on when nearby. The Nixplay frame is a great back-to-school item for parents with children who are travelling across the nation or studying abroad around the globe.



Stephanie Shyu

Stephanie Shyu is the cofounder of AdmitSee, a peer-to-peer website on which current college students share their application information and insights with applicants and those a few years younger than them. The have been featured on Forbes and USA Today.


“Get some real world, out of the classroom experience: be it a job, an externship, an opportunity to travel, or volunteer service. Not only will it cultivate your professional and interpersonal skills, it may also help you narrow down and hone potential career interests that, the earlier you discover, the better."



University of the People

University of the People is the world's first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited American online university, dedicated to opening access to higher education globally. Using open-source technology, Open Educational Resources, and the assistance of academic volunteers worldwide, UoPeople is especially designed to provide access to university studies for qualified high school graduates, despite financial, geographic or societal constraints. The University offers accredited Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Business Administration and Computer Science. UOPeople is based on the belief that education at a minimal cost is a basic right for all qualified applicants, not just for a privileged few.  The University works to open the gates of higher education to qualified students anywhere in the world by offering its programs through distance learning and by making this opportunity affordable.


Utilize UOPeople this fall as a means to develop self-knowledge related to your future career plans and work preferences. UOPeople provides educational and occupational information to guide students’ career and educational planning. The program helps link students with alumni, employers, and professional organizations that can provide opportunities to integrate academic learning with the work environment and explore future career possibilities.



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