EngineerGirl! Engineering Essay Contest

Scholarship Provided by : third party

Scholarship Amount

$500 USD

Application Deadline

February 01, 2017


  • Think about how engineering has affected your life. How has it improved peopleâs quality of life? What further needs of society could be addressed by engineering? In honor of the NAEâs 50th anniversary, we invite you to imagine how engineering might change our lives over the next 50 years, in one of the following areas:
  •  Nutrition
  •  Health
  •  Communication
  •  Education
  •  Transportation It is challenging to imagine what the future will bring, and we think that you are up to the task. In 1500 words or less describe how engineering has addressed one of these five areas of societal need (e.g. Transportation) in the past 50 years and suggest ways that engineering could address this area of need in the next 50 years.

  •  The contest is open to individual girls and boys in each of three categories (Choose your category by grade-level unless you are unsure of your grade): 1) 3rd grade to 5th grade (Ages 8-11) 2) 6th grade to 8th grade (Ages 12-14) 3) 9th grade to 12th grade (Ages 15-18)
  •  If you are a prior winner and have received a cash prize from EngineerGirl! in any of the above grade categories, you may not enter again in the same age group.
  •  Management, employees and families of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) are prohibited from winning any prizes offered by EngineerGirl!
United States

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