NCAA Division II Degree Completion Award Program

Scholarship Provided by : third party

Scholarship Amount

$6,000 USD

Application Deadline

March 16, 2016


  •  An original typed application form consisting of the following materials will be required before the student will be considered for an NCAA Division II Degree-Completion Award.
  • A typed application form from the student applicant with the student applicantâs signature on page A2. Also, on three separate sheets of paper the applicant must have: A typed personal statement that answers the three questions on page A2. A typed list of all extracurricular activities, leadership roles, academic honors and awards. A typed list of athletic participation and athletic honors and awards.
  • Academic information including a signature from the dean of the college, faculty advisor or head of the department responsible for the applicantâs academic program.
  • Financial aid information including a signature from a financial aid office official. 
  • Endorsement from the director of athletics, senior woman administrator, faculty athletics representative or coach at the Division II institution (you may include more than one endorsement but not more than three).
  • An original official transcript from the institution where the student-athlete exhausted his or her athletics eligibility. See application for further details. 
  • Materials must be postmarked not later than the deadline.

  •  Applicant shall be a student-athlete who has exhausted athletics eligibility at an active NCAA Division II institution within the past academic year.
  • Applicant shall not be participating in another intercollegiate sport during the period of the award
  • Applicant shall be able to complete his or her first undergraduate degree within 10 semesters or 15 quarters of full-time collegiate attendance. 
  • Applicant shall have received athletics-related financial aid from the NCAA Division II institution where he or she exhausted athletics eligibility.
  • Applicant shall be within 32 semester (48 quarter) hours of completion of his or her first undergraduate degree.
  • Applicant has a 2.50 minimum cumulative grade-point average.
  • Applicant shall not receive any athletics aid if awarded a Division II Degree-Completion Award.
  • Applicant shall use the award to complete the first undergraduate degree requirements from the Division II institution where the student-athlete exhausted his or her athletics eligibility.
United States
Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

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