Ohio Northern University International Scholar Transition Program

Scholarship Provided by : Ohio Northern University

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

July 15, 2017


Sponsored by Ohio Northern University, int-adm@onu.edu


Ohio Northern University offers an International Scholar Transition Program that allows non-native English users with TOEFL iBT scores between 50 and 78 or IELTS scores between 5.0 and 6.0 to begin work toward their degree while also taking courses to improve academic English skills before entering into full-time academic study. Students who successfully complete the two-semester ISTP begin academic majors full-time the follow semester.

The Advantages of the International Scholar Transition Program

ISTP students earn college credits that fulfill degree requirements while also improving their English skills.
ISTP courses focus on competence in academic listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary.
ISTP offers a college composition sequence that fulfills the University's English writing seminar requirement.*
ISTP students work with major academic advisors to plan an academic schedule leading to a degree.
ISTP classes carry academic credit that may be used as electives in some degree programs.  (Check with the program advisor.)
*Placement in English 1411 or English 1511 is determined by a writing assessment given to international students during orientation.

How does the International Scholar Transition Program Work?

Qualified students enter the ISTP and remain in the program for the first academic year, taking full advantage of the opportunity to focus on improving English proficiency in preparation for full-time academic study. The ISTP course sequence provides a solid foundation in academic English so that students are prepared to meet the challenges of full-time academic studies in their chosen disciplines (majors) in the United States.

What is the relationship of ISTP to IEP?

The two programs are separate but inter-related.  ISTP focuses on high level English skills required for university course work; the IEP focuses on lower and intermediate level English skills required for living within a university environment on an American campus.  Students with iBTOEFL scores below 50 study in the IEP; students with iBTOEFL scores above 50 study in the ISTP.  Students can take no academic coursework while in IEP, but ISTP students engage in academic coursework while they refine English skills.  

ISTP students begin degree work with courses that count toward their major and their degree. 


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