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Various Amount

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November 12, 2016


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Graduate assistantships are awards given to students who are working toward a master’s degree (or equivalent, i.e., 34 credit hours in the doctoral program), a Specialist in Education degree, or the doctoral degree. The stipend associated with this award is for a maximum of halftime duties. Graduate assistants with half-time duties for two semesters are granted remission of 93% of the graduate comprehensive fee for the period of appointment and for the summer session immediately preceding or following the year of appointment.  Winter term is excluded. The student will also be required to pay technology, facilities and metro fees. A tuition waiver and stipend for a graduate assistantship can vary with the work expectations varying proportionally. For instance a student might receive half of a tuition waiver and half of a normal stipend, and would be expected to work half the hours.

Duties of Graduate Assistants
It is the policy of Miami University that graduate assistants will work an assigned number of hours per week based on their appointment. The duties and hours worked per week are determined by the appointment and are set out in the letter the student receives from Academic Personnel offering the assistantship.
• Instructional duties: 20 hours per week for 17 weeks (fall) and 16 weeks (spring)
• Research duties: 18 hours per week for 17 weeks (fall), 3 weeks (winter), 16 weeks (spring).
• Administrative duties: 18 hours per week for 17 weeks (fall), 3 weeks (winter), 16 weeks (spring).

Hours are pro-rated for appointments if less than these listed hours per week.

For additional information, please reference Part 3: Information for Graduate Award Holders in the Graduate Student Handbook.

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