American University International Legal Studies LLM Program (ILSP): Alumni Fund Scholarships

Scholarship Provided by : American University

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

October 01, 2017


Sponsored by American University,


The International Legal Studies Program is proud to announce the Alumni Fund Scholarship. The Alumni Fund Scholarship offers a limited amount of full tuition scholarships to newly admitted LLM students who display rigorous academic dedication to the advancement of issues in international law.

Scholarship applications must be submitted with a completed LLM application. Applicants who submit an Alumni Fund Scholarship application with an incomplete LLM application will not be considered. Students MUST have submitted a complete application to the ILSP LLM program and the scholarship essay/resume by deadlines indicated.

To Apply: Please write responses to the following two questions:

Describe a current regional, international or country-specific legal problem and offer your solution to the problem. (no more than 750 words)
How will you contribute to WCL as an ILSP Alumni Fund Scholar? (no more than 250 words)


Submit a resume and your essay responses to the Office of Graduate Admissions at All submissions must be electronic via email. Hard copy submissions will not be considered. Please be sure to put your full name on each document that you send.
Spring - 11:59 pm EST on October 1
Fall - 11:59 pm EST on March 1

Award: Full tuition (24 credits) and fees

The Alumni Fund Scholarships are reviewed after the respective deadlines. Awards are announced at the end of March for the fall semester and at the end of October for the spring semester. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Attention: Students MUST have submitted a complete LLM applicationbefore they can be considered for the scholarship. Please take into consideration that this could effect your deadline for scholarship submission.

If you have any questions about these regulations, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions directly at 202-274-4110



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