GCSAA Legacy Awards

Scholarship Provided by : third party

Scholarship Amount

$1,500 USD

Application Deadline

April 15, 2018


Knowing the costs of higher education will continue to rise the Environmental Institute for Golf developed this program to provide scholarship assistance to the children and grandchildren of GCSAA members who have been active Class A Superintendent Members Class C Class A-Retired or Class AA members for five or more consecutive years.

One or more of the applicant's parents or grandparents must have been a GCSAA member for five or more consecutive years and must be a currently active GCSAA member in one of the following classifications: A Superintendent Member C Retired-A Retired-B or AA Life. The competition is open to natural or adoptive offspring of GCSAA members. Children or grandchildren of deceased members are also eligible if the member was active at the time of his or her death.-Students must be enrolled full-time at an accredited institution of higher learning or in the case of high school seniors must be accepted at such an institution for the next academic year. Graduating high school seniors must include a letter of acceptance with the application-If the applicant is currently serving or has served in any branch of the military they are eligible if they are enrolled in a minimum of 3 credit hours per every 9 weeks at an accredited institution of higher learning technical school or online program.-Past winners are ineligible to apply the following year. They may reapply after a one-year hiatus-More than one student from the same family may apply and be awarded a scholarship within the same year-Children of those employed by Syngenta the Environmental Institute for Golf's Board of Trustees the GCSAA Board of Directors and GCSAA staff are not eligible for this programThe student must submit an original essay of up to 500 words on any topic related to the golf industry. The essay must be original and not previously submitted to GCSAA. For more details and to apply please visit the scholarship provider's website.

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