EngineerGirl Essay Contest

Scholarship Provided by : third party

Scholarship Amount

$500 USD

Application Deadline

February 01, 2018


-Elementary school students (grades 3-5); Essays must be 400 to 700 words.

"Imagine that you are an engineer. Identify an organization that might implement your proposed solution and write a letter to the leader of that organization. In your letter describe your proposed solution in detail explain how it should be implemented and discuss why it is important to implement. To strengthen your submission think of questions the leader may have about your solution and attempt to answer them in your letter."-Middle school students in (grades 6-8); Essays must be 600 to 1100 words:"Imagine that you are an engineer working with an organization to implement your proposed solution. Write a project summary for the organization's public relations (PR) department. Describe the solution in detail and explain what is new or novel about your approach. Identify who would be involved in the design testing manufacturing and distribution stages of the project and how they work together to implement the solution. Your summary has to provide the PR department with enough information that they can respond to questions about and help promote the project."-High school students (grades 9-12); Essays must be 1000 to 1500 words:"Imagine that you are an engineer in an engineering firm poised to implement your proposed solution in a specific location and/or situation. Write a proposal to the organization that would fund this project. Describe the solution in detail and explain how and why it should be implemented. Describe the expertise available at your imaginary firm and explain how any other groups might need to be involved in the design manufacturing and distribution processes. Explain what has already been tried or is already known about this type of solution and what would be new or innovative. Describe how you will test or anticipate failure for any new innovations to minimize risk. Describe exactly what this project would aim to achieve and make a case for why the cost would be justified."All essays must be clearly cited and resources must be clearly cited. For more information or to apply please visit the scholarship provider's website.

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