KSCPP 11th National Essay Contest

Scholarship Amount

$500 USD

Application Deadline



To foster the understanding and appreciation of Korean history and culture, KSCPP is hosting its 11th national essay contest. The Essay Contest is open to Middle and High School students. The entrants are required to read Chung Hyo Ye, Tales of filial devotion, loyalty, respect and benevolence from the history and folklore of Korea published by KSCPP (available online for free at www.kscpp.net). If you want to receive a copy, please contact us using email, kscppcontest@msn.com.

Essay Topic: Please choose only one topic from below. 1. How could the values of Chung, Hyo and Ye be applied in the world today? 2. Which of the stories from the book captured your attention or curiosity and why? 3. From the three values represented in the book (Chung, Hyo and Ye), please choose one as a topic and discuss how the stories relating to it have impressed you and why?Instructions: Essays must meet the following requirements: 1. One-inch margin (top, bottom, left, and right); font size 12 (Times New Roman); double spaced; two to three pages long. 2. Each essay must have the following information listed on the cover: 1. Name 2. Age 3. Phone Number, Mailing Address & Email 4. School and Grade

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