Albuquerque Open Space Scholarship

Scholarship Provided by : third party

Scholarship Amount

$500 USD

Application Deadline

December 31, 2017


The Apprentice Ecologist Open Space Initiative, which is part of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative (officially recognized by the U.S. EPA), has engaged thousands of young volunteers (kids, teens, and college-age youth) from around New Mexico in environmental cleanup and conservation projects since 1999.

Middle school, high school, or undergraduate college/university (ages 13-21)-Participate in or lead an environmental stewardship project for the benefit of any lands managed or co-managed by the Open Space Division-Take a few digital photos of your project in action-Write an essay about your project and what it meant to you (750-1,500 words)-Register and upload your favorite project photo along with your essayExamples of past projects:-Removing and recycling trash from the Open Space foothills or bosque areas-Planting native trees and shrubs in rehabilitated habitats-Protecting a terrestrial or aquatic area for native wildlife-Promoting the conservation of an endangered species or area-Educating others about wildlife or conservation issues-Removing graffiti from natural areas-Taking steps to prevent pollution/contamination locally-Removing non-native vegetation so that native vegetation can flourish-Reducing soil erosion by maintaining established trails and closing off short-cuts-Starting a unique program (e.g., recycling, composting, energy/water conservation etc.) to benefit Open Space lands or the Open Space Visitor CenterFor more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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