San Francisco Section Daniel Cubicciotti Student Award

Scholarship Provided by : Electrochemical Society

Scholarship Amount

$2,000 USD

Application Deadline

February 15, 2016


The award shall be known as the Daniel Cubicciotti Student Award to honor the memory of Dr. Daniel Cubicciotti, for his dedication and expertise in the application of electrochemical principles to the understanding and control of materials deterioration in nuclear power plants.

The award shall be presented annually. The award shall consist of an appropriately worded etched metal plaque and monetary award of not less that $2,000, intended to assist with the educational expenses of the recipient. In addition to the main award, up to two honorable mentions will be given dependent on qualified and deserving applicants. Each honorable mention award will consist of an appropriately-worded certificate and a monetary award of not less than $500. A biennial review to increase the award amount by 10 to 25% shall be conducted by the Section Chair and the Award Nominating Committee. Criteria for increases are based upon endowment size and rate of growth, cost of living, applicant interest, level, and size of other Society student awards.

Daniel Cubicciotti
Dr. Daniel Cubicciotti was born in Philadelphia in 1921 but spent most of his life in northern California. He graduated from the University of California with a BS in chemistry degree in 1942 and a PhD degree in physical-inorganic chemistry in 1946. In his 47 year professional career as a researcher, including 20 years at SRI International and 13 at the Electric Power Research Institute, Dan worked in all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, from nuclear fuel to cooling water systems for the removal of heat from power generation and auxiliary equipment. The spectrum of problems addressed by Dan's work included developing an understanding of the thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical processes in fuel pellets, the interaction of fission products with fuel cladding, prediction of stable phases in complex systems, stress corrosion cracking of reactor structural materials, and microbiologically influenced corrosion of reactor materials. His expertise in the areas of high temperature chemistry and corrosion were well known, documented by more than 200 scientific papers. His scientific knowledge, experimental skills, and ability to grasp the overall importance of such problems were coupled with a remarkable ability to transfer his expertise and the technology developed by others to people in the field so that solutions could be applied to real life problems. Dan continued to delve into new and exciting technical areas until his death in 1993.

Dan left a legacy to the nuclear industry replete with innovation and usable information in the areas of fuel cladding materials, stress corrosion cracking, Pourbaix diagrams, and microbiologically influenced corrosion. He also helped numerous non-experts in corrosion to appreciate the importance of corrosion processes, and more importantly, provided them with valuable tools to predict where or how attack might occur, and how to mitigate or prevent such problems. In addition to his roles as high temperature electrochemist and corrosion expert, Dan served as a husband, father, grandfather, part-time musician, and friend; always with an obvious joy for life. He has shown many scientists and engineers the joy inherent in finding the truth. He has served as a mentor to many and an example of a gentleman of the highest integrity to all.

Method of Financing
The award shall be financed by contributions from Structural Integrity Associates and by others in the engineering and science communities. The award will be funded on a year-to-year basis, dependent upon the availability of qualified recipients and the existence of sufficient funds.

Purpose of the Award
The primary objective of the award is to assist a deserving student in Northern California to pursue a career in the physical sciences or engineering. The award will be presented to a student selected for academic excellence, a demonstrated interest in the study or application of electrochemistry, and personal characteristics that reflect Dan Cubicciotti's integrity and joie de vivre.


Qualifications of the Recipient
Candidates for the award must be full or part-time graduate or advanced undergraduate students in good standing at a university or college in Northern California. The major field of study may be metallurgy, materials science, chemical engineering or chemistry. Candidates must be involved in thesis research or other academic activities that involve a demonstration or application of electrochemistry.

Selection Process
Potential recipients may be nominated by anyone familiar with their qualifications. Along with the qualifications of the candidate described under Section 4, the nominee's transcript, curriculum vitae, and short descriptions of his or her research activities and non-research interests should be given. A letter of recommendation from a university or college faculty member from engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science, or other appropriate department is required to complete the application. The nominee need not be a member of The Electrochemical Society.

Applications for the academic year beginning in the fall semester or quarter shall be forwarded to the selection committee for consideration before February 15 of the same year.

Selection criteria shall include the academic record, quality of prior research activities, and personal characteristics including the highest level of integrity, an innovative and probing mind, inter-personal skills, and joy for life. Community services and participation in other activities, including, but not limited to music, sports, theatre, and teaching will also be considered.

Method of Recognition
The award shall be presented to the recipient in person at the April meeting of the Section. The recipient may be requested to speak at that meeting about his or her work or on another topic of interest to the field of electrochemistry.

Award Committee
The Award Committee shall be comprised of three non-academic members of the Section and a non-voting member representing Structural Integrity Associates. These members of the Section shall include:

The Chair of the Section who will also be Chair of the Award Committee, or who appoints a Section official who has no permanent academic affiliation.
Two other members of the Section appointed by the Award Chair.
The Award Committee shall insure that ample publicity is made concerning the availability of the award. The awardee shall be elected by a majority vote of the voting committee members. The Chair of the Award Committee shall notify the members of the Section Executive Committee as to the Award recipient and shall inform in writing the Executive Director of the Society and the Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee of the name of the recipient. At that time, arrangements should be made for the preparation of the plaque. The recipient shall be notified in writing of his or her selection by the Chair of the Award Committee.
Appointment of the Chair of the Award Committee and selection of voting committee members and nonvoting representative of Structural Integrity Associates:
By January of the year of the Award

Call for applications of students in Northern California for the Award:
All applications Received by February 15

Selection of the Awardee:
No later than March 1

Letter to Society headquarters indicating the name of the Awardee. Copy of letter to Chair of Honors and Awards Committee:
By March 7

Notification of Awardee:
By March 7

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Graduate Students, Senior, Junior

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