Luso-American Education Foundation General Fund Scholarship

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Various Amount

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December 30, 2016


The Luso-American Education Foundation was organized by a group of citizens of Portuguese origin in 1963. The Foundation's goals are to foster, sponsor and perpetuate the Portuguese language and culture in the United States. The Foundation provides scholarships and educational grants in various categories and sponsors student exchange programs, annual education conferences, summer youth educational camps and Portuguese Day activities.

Headquartered in Dublin, California with a branch in Lexington, Massachusetts, Luso-American Education Foundation (LAEF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a branch of Luso-American Life Insurance Society (founded in 1868) and proudly serve the community at large.


To lead initiatives for the advancement of the Portuguese culture and language.
To support qualified students in accessing higher education.
To foster life-long learning programs.


Applicants must be residents of California and high school students who are of Portuguese descent with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, or who are taking classes in the Portuguese language with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. They must be enrolled in a college, university, trade or business school and have taken the SAT or ACT. Two letters of recommendation are required.

The Luso-American Education Foundation has administered and awarded scholarships and grants to eligible students since its inception in 1963. LAEF has granted over $1,600,000 in scholarships and grants throughout the years, and continues to serve its community through its scholarship and grant program. For more information on eligibility and access to applications, browse the links below or call the home office at 925-828-3883.

Scholarship & Grant GUIDELINES 

Membership Guidelines

LAFF Youth Scholarship Guidelines
LAFF 20-30's and Adult College Scholarship Guidelines
PCU Youth Scholarship Guidelines
SPRSI Youth Scholarship Guidelines
SPRSI 20-30's and Re-Entry College Scholarship Guidelines
  Non-Member Guidelines

LAEF Youth, Undergraduate and Post Graduate Scholarship Guidelines
LAEF Grant Guidelines

Scholarship & Grant APPLICATIONS

Membership Applications

LAFF Youth Scholarship Application (A1-A7)
LAFF 20-30's and Adult College Scholarship Application (B1-B5)
SPRSI Youth Scholarship Application (D1-D2)
SPRSI 20-30's and Re-Entry College Scholarship Application (D3-D5)
PCU Youth Scholarship Application (E1-E2)
  Non-Member Applications

LAEF Youth Scholarship Application (C1)
LAEF Nicole Marie Goulart Memorial Scholarship Application (C7)
LAEF Undergraduate Scholarship Application (C20)
LAEF Post Graduate Scholarship Application (C25)
LAEF Grant Application (G1-G6 & C7)

Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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