Dixie Boys Baseball Scholarship Program

Scholarship Provided by : Dixie Boys Baseball

Scholarship Amount

$1,250 USD

Application Deadline

April 01, 2017


The Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. / Bernie Varnadore Scholarship program provides eleven (11) $1,250 cash awards. Each year successful candidates are recognized at a High School Seniors Honor Program or at another appropriate venue. Checks are mailed to the school in early August upon verification of enrollment.

Outstanding High School Seniors that at one time participated in a franchised Dixie Boys Baseball,   Inc.   program  and  plan  to pursue  undergraduate  studies  at  a  college  or university may apply. Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. programs include Dixie Boys Baseball for boys 13 and 14 years old; Dixie Pre-Majors Baseball for boys 15 - 16 & 17; and Dixie Majors Baseball for boys 15 through 19 years old.

Applications  are taken from January 1st through April 1st each year with the winners being notified by May 1 of each year.


To apply:

Fill out the application form, sign and mail to the Commissioner before the April 1st deadline date.
Have your parents or guardian fill out and sign the Financial Statement section of the application form.
Include 2 letters of recommendation. The 2 letters should come from individuals that have a  good  knowledge  of your  achievements  and  potential.  One  of  the recommendations  should be from a  school official and the other from a person other than a relative. Avoid peer recommendations. No more than two letters are required.
Include or have a statement of participation sent by a LOCAL LEAGUE OFFICIAL. Statement should include: (1) applicant's  years  of  participation; (Note: Beginning with the 2012 awards, years of active program participation will be considered and scored). (2) applicant's attitude when in programs; and (3) applicant's ability to demonstrate team effort  and leadership.
Include a copy of your latest High School transcript and ACT or SAT results.
Include a personal essay. It may be 150 words or less,  handwritten. Your  career objectives, how college ties into that, and  how you expect to  contribute to  society can form the basis of your essay. However, if you choose to be more creative, you may select  another format for your  essay. The essay  provides  a way in which to become  better acquainted with you, by  means  other than your achievements, by enabling  you to  demonstrate your  ability to  organize  your thoughts and express yourself clearly.
Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., ages  12  and  under,  has  established  scholarship programs and applications  and these should  be made  separately  to  their organization.  (Dixie Youth Scholarship Deadline is February 1st)
Check list:

Complete application
One individual picture (sports coat preferred)
Financial statement, may include IRS form
Letter of recommendation from a school official
Letter of recommendation from a person other than a relative
Statement of Participation
High School Transcript
Handwritten and Signed Personal Essay
Mail all required information by April 1.


Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American

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