Marsh Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Provided by : Eastern Surfing Association

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

July 01, 2017


Thank you for your recent Eastern Surfing Association Marsh Scholarship Program inquiry. Enclosed you will
find general information, qualification criteria, an application and details on additional items that must be
submitted to be considered for a Marsh Scholarship Grant.
The Marsh Scholarship Fund, the largest and longest running scholarship program in the U.S. surfing
community, annually awards approximately $8,000.00 in financial aid to ESA surfers. The ESA Marsh
Scholarship grants are awarded to ESA current members in good standing on the basis of academics and U.S.
citizenship rather than athletic ability and the East Coast Scholastic grants are awarded based on results of the
East Coast Scholastic Surfing Championships.
We look forward to receiving your application for an ESA Marsh Scholarship and other required materials. If
you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at


1. You must be an Eastern Surfing Association current member in good standing.
2. When filling out the application, print in ink or submit typewritten (preferred).
3. No application will be considered without an official school transcript. You should request your
school(s) to send an official transcript(s) to the address below.
4. 4. Submit a letter of recommendation along with your application. The letter should be from someone
who is not a member of your family.
5. Submit a short, (no more than 500 words) typewritten letter addressed to the Marsh Scholarship
Committee detailing your future goals and how your choice of educational institutions will help you
reach these goals.
6. Application and all other pertinent information must be returned to the Marsh Scholarship Committee
by June 15.

The Marsh Application, along with the additional information you attach, will be used to determine your
eligibility for an ESA Marsh Scholarship Grant. To this end, you are advised to follow the directions above very
carefully and submit all items required completely.
Mail all of the above required information to:
ESA Marsh Scholarship Program
11 Long Point Road
Stony Creek, CT 06405
The Marsh Scholarship Committee will make a determination for awards no later than July 31 and recipients
will be notified by August 15.

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Senior, Graduate Students, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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