Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Scholarship

Scholarship Provided by : Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

March 01, 2017




Completed online application. If information is not applicable, indicate N/A. The documents below will need to be uploaded as part of the online application process.  Please ensure that you have each of the documents listed below available in a digital format such as PDF, JPG, etc.
A letter from applicant explaining why financial assistance is needed and reason why a grant should be given.  This should include details of all costs associated with the event or training.  If any costs are to be paid by others or waived, please state in detail with dollar amounts.  Letter should explain in detail: Applicant's personal history.  How applicant rates self among local and national competitors associated with this event: Never attended? Competed in trials or other required preliminary competition? Participated in past events? When? Applicant's place(s)?, time(s)?
A clean scan of pages 1 and 2 of applicant's (or if a dependent, applicant's parents) latest Federal Income Tax Return (no attachments needed).  All financial information is kept confidential, please black out any Social Security Numbers on all pages.
Applicant's athletic resume for the last three years.  Include the following:
List of event competed in as an individual or with a team
Results of all competitions, time, place of finish
List of any records, achievements or special awards received
Description of training program, past and present
A letter or letters from coach(es), athletic director(s), sports association(s), etc.  Verifying applicant's sports participation and ability to compete in the event. 
A recent digital color photograph of you individually (headshot only, high school photo or similar) for publicity purposes (FILE UPLOAD). 
The purpose of these requests is to help the Grant Committee understand who the applicant is: his or her character, athletic history and financial status.

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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