Michael Weiss Foundation Skating Scholarships

Scholarship Provided by : Michael Weiss Foundation

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

December 29, 2015


To date, the Michael Weiss Foundation (MWF) has raised $610,000 for deserving applicants who possess Olympic potential in the sport of Figure Skating. The MWF will continue to provide Olympic eligible United States figure skaters with financial support to assist in all facets of training and competition with an emphasis on continuing their education. Training as an Olympic hopeful can include expenses associated with coaching, choreography, costumes, music selection/editing, educational costs and tutoring and total up to $65,000 per year.  Annual Scholarships are awarded every December to skaters who are having trouble meeting their financial needs.  

The Foundation                                                                                                  
Headed by Two-time Olympian and three-time United States National skating champion, Michael Weiss, his wife and choreographer, Lisa Thornton Weiss, and Michael’s mother – Collegiate Gymnastic Champion, Marjorie Weiss, the organization was created to address the issue of the high cost of figure skating and the lack of financial support currently available for promising skaters.

“I know when I was an up and coming athlete; being recognized for my accomplishments and encouraged through financial support inspired me as a young skater to work harder and increased my determination to succeed. It has been a dream of mine to inspire and support young skaters, and this is a way that I can help the future of figure skating.” - Michael Weiss

Project Overview:

To provide financial support to Olympic hopefuls who may not otherwise be able to pursue their figure skating goals. Recipients will be awarded scholarships based on skill level, financial need, and competitive potential/desire with an emphasis on the importance of continuing their education.

Project Objectives:
The Michael Weiss Foundation will create scholarship funds through supporting organizations, individuals and various foundation promotions to help provide the necessary funds in the pursuit of athletic excellence, to strengthen the base of the next generation of United States figure skaters and afford deserving young athletes the best opportunity for potential success at the Winter Olympic Games.



Criteria for MWF Scholarship Awards:
The MWFoundation will determine the scholarship winners based on the following criteria:

Young athletes showing exceptional potential — Olympic potential
Athletes showing success at the sectional, regional, and National level

Financial need = family’s income level must be below $150k per year

Individual merits of the skater

Special Circumstances

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
United States

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