NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Scholarship Provided by : National Collegiate Athletic Association

Scholarship Amount

$7,500 USD

Application Deadline

January 22, 2016


The NCAA awards up to 174 postgraduate scholarships annually.  The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are at least in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

The one-time non-renewable scholarships of $7,500 are awarded three times a year corresponding to each sport season (fall, winter and spring).  Each sports season there are 29 scholarships available for men and 29 scholarships available for women for use in an accredited graduate program.

Mission statement
The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship was created in 1964 to promote and encourage postgraduate education by rewarding the Association's most accomplished student-athletes through their participation in NCAA championship and/or emerging sports. Athletics and academic achievements, campus involvement, community service, volunteer activities and demonstrated leadership are evaluated.  An equitable approach is employed in reviewing an applicant's nomination form to provide all student-athlete nominees an opportunity to receive the postgraduate award, regardless of sport, division, gender or race.  In maintaining the highest broad-based standards in the selection process, the program aims to reward those individuals whose dedication and effort are reflective of those characteristics necessary to succeed and thrive through postgraduate study.

Overview of nomination process
The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship nomination is submitted by the faculty athletics representative (FAR) or by a FAR designee.  It is the responsibility of the FAR or FAR designee to ensure all sections of the nomination are submitted to the NCAA national office not later than the corresponding sport season deadlines.   

FARs or FAR designees must nominate qualified student-athletes using the application in the Program Hub.   System-generated emails will be sent to the student-athlete to notify him or her they have been nominated.  Recommendation emails are generated after the student-athlete submits his or her application section.



Application Sections
FAR nomination.
Student-athlete section:  To be completed by the nominee; which includes a formal personal statement.
Transcript(s): Applicants must upload official transcripts to complete the application.  Official transcripts can be scanned and uploaded to the system as a .pdf document.  You must upload all transcripts at one time.  Transcripts must reflect ALL undergraduate work. [NOTE: An electronic transcripts is not needed to meet this requirement.]
Letters of Recommendation:FAR or FAR Designee.
Coach or someone in the position to judge the student-athletes contribution to intercollegiate athletics.
Someone in the position to speak to his or her community service and leadership.
A professor teaching in the discipline of the student-athlete’s baccalaureate degree.
The endorsements tab will appear after an applicant has listed each endorser’s information (name and email address) and after the applicant has submitted his or her application.  The endorser will receive an automated email upon application submission only.  The endorser’s email address provided by the applicant must be used to log in to Program Hub to endorse.  This is the email address to which the notification was received.
[Note: All recommendations should be viewed as formal recommendations for the nominee.]

Postgraduate Scholarship nomination and selection information
Who is eligible?
Student-athletes at an active NCAA member institution who:

Are at least in their final season of NCAA athletics eligibility or will not be using any remaining athletics eligibility.
Have an overall undergraduate minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.200 (based on a 4.000 scale) or its equivalent, including all undergraduate hours earned at all undergraduate institutions attended. The grade-point average may not include any graduate-level hours.
Have performed with distinction as a varsity team member in the sport in which the student-athlete is being nominated.  The degree of the student-athlete's athletics achievement will be weighed in conjunction with academic performance, institutional involvement and volunteer community service. In particular, nominators and individuals submitting recommendations should note participation in activities in which the student-athlete serves as an example to other students and demonstrates leadership qualities.
Intend to continue academic work beyond the baccalaureate degree and enroll in a graduate degree program on a part- or full-time basis at an academically accredited graduate or degree-granting professional school. An academic professor of the institution in which the student-athlete is currently enrolled must address the capability of the student-athlete for graduate study.
Are outstanding citizens and excellent role models for the institution and intercollegiate athletics as a whole.
[Note:  Student-athletes attending a provisional member institution are not permitted to be nominated.  Additionally, a scholarship recipient may not use more than one NCAA scholarship award for postgraduate studies. International student-athletes are eligible to receive an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship.]

How can I be nominated?
Student-athletes must be nominated by the institution's Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) or a FAR designee (preferably an individual in academics).

The FAR or FAR designee is responsible for determining the student-athlete's eligibility to be nominated.  Each NCAA member institution may nominate no more than five student-athletes per gender, per season. The nomination and supporting information will be accepted only when it is submitted on or before the sport season's submission deadline.

The FAR or FAR designee must use Program Hub to gain access to the online nomination submission system.  You must create a profile before you are able to nominate. 

When should I be nominated?
There are three nomination periods each academic year based on sport seasons. The seasonal sports breakdown is listed below. Emerging sports are in italics. Remember: cross country, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field are separate sports.

Men's: Cross Country, Football, Soccer and Water Polo
Women's: Cross Country, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Volleyball
Fall sports nomination deadline: JANUARY 22, 2016

Men's: Basketball, Fencing, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track and Field, Rifle, Skiing, Swimming and Diving and Wrestling
Women's: Basketball, Bowling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track and Field, Rifle, Skiing and Swimming and Diving.
Winter sports nomination deadline: MARCH 30, 2016

Men's: Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track and Field, Tennis and Volleyball
Women's: Golf, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track and Field, Rowing, Beach Volleyball, Softball, Tennis and Water Polo.
Spring sports nomination deadline: JUNE 1, 2016

Two ways for award recipients to use their NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
It is understood that the recipient has completed intercollegiate eligibility and/or competition in the sport for which the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship was received. The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship liaison at the NCAA national office must be notified immediately if the award recipient's athletics eligibility status changes. If compliance with these requirements is not followed, the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship may be forfeited. The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship may not be used until all athletics competition has ceased.

Award recipients must be accepted into a graduate degree-granting program at an accredited graduate or professional school. For more information on accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, please visit for more information.

The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship funds should be used only toward expenses associated with graduate courses that apply toward individual’s graduate degree program.

Full-time enrollment. If the award recipient chooses to enroll as a full-time graduate student (determined by the graduate institution), he or she must be accepted for matriculation within three years from the fall semester after scholarship selection.  For example, an award recipient from the 2014-15 academic year has until August 31, 2018, to use the award. The full $7,500 is distributed to the institution once the completed original certification of graduate school enrollment form has been received by the NCAA national office liaison.
Part-time enrollment. If an award recipient chooses to enroll as a part-time graduate student (as determined by the graduate institution), he or she must be accepted for matriculation into a graduate degree program within three years from the fall semester after selection. Half ($3,750) of the scholarship funds will be distributed to the institution at the onset of enrollment once the completed original certification of graduate school enrollment form has been received by the NCAA national office liaison. The remaining half ($3,750) will be distributed when the second certification of graduate school enrollment form has been completed and received by the NCAA national office liaison. If the award recipient's enrollment status changes from part-time to full-time during the three years after the date of selection, the remaining $3,750 will be distributed upon the NCAA national office liaison receiving a completed second certification of enrollment form indicating the status change.
The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship must be used to pay expenses of the student's postgraduate education to include such related activities as research and teaching.  Other expenses include, but are not limited to, tuition, fees, room and board (including off-campus housing), required course-related supplies, and books. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships may be used at foreign universities.

If the student withdraws from the graduate degree program before the entire award has been used, the unused portion of the scholarship is to be refunded to the NCAA national office for return to the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship fund.

If the student transfers to another accredited institution, he or she is entitled to use any funds remaining of the scholarship at the transfer institution or program.  Upon certification of enrollment at the transfer institution, the NCAA will issue the remaining funds received from the student’s original institution.

It is the scholarship recipient's responsibility to update the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship liaison with current address and contact information.

Selection process
Nominations are initially reviewed by seven regional selection committees. (see below for the regional breakdown). The regional selection committees forward finalists to the Postgraduate Scholarship Committee for its review. The Postgraduate Scholarship Committee selects each sports season 29 male awardees and five alternates and 29 female awardees.

Region 1:    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Region 2:    Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Region 3:    District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Region 4:    Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Region 5:    Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota. 

Region 6:    Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Region 7:    Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Senior, Graduate Students

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