Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship List

Scholarship Provided by : Golden Key International Honour Society

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

December 14, 2016


Each scholarship requires a different application. Click on the scholarship that you are interested in for specific instructions on how to apply. An impartial committee of educators in the field the scholarship is based will select the winners.

Below you can find answers to commonly asked questions. You will also find a video below which will guide you through the scholarship application steps.


Applicants must be Golden Key members. They must be undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate students who are enrolled in or have been accepted into a study abroad program. Selection is based on academic merit and relevance of study abroad program to applicant's academic program of study.

Who is eligible to apply?
Only Golden Key Members are eligible to apply.


When can I apply?
The online applications are now available for 2015. The deadline dates vary by program.  Dates for each program can be found here. Scholarships are added throughout the year, so check the listing periodically.

How can I apply?
Follow the link provided on the website to access the application and create an account or log in using your email address and password.

Are the application deadlines strict deadlines?
Yes. All scholarship applications must be submitted by the indicated postmark or application deadline. The deadline for each scholarship is listed directly to the right of the scholarship name.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes. Golden Key members can apply for any number of scholarships each year as long as the requirements for each scholarship are met. Please review the specific scholarship guidelines for additional requirements and eligibility details.

Can I submit one application form for multiple scholarships?
No. You must fill out the application for each scholarship/award you would like to apply for.

Do I have to be an active member of my Golden Key chapter to apply for a scholarship?
Not in all cases. Some of the scholarships do factor Golden Key involvement as a selection criterion.

Do I have to be in a specific major field of study/faculty to apply for a Golden Key scholarship?
No. Golden Key scholarships are available to Golden Key members of any major field of study/faculty. The achievement awards represent certain fields of study; however, any Golden Key member can apply for these as well.

Are scholarships given at each local chapter?
In the USA/Canada, every year, each local chapter will award at least one scholarship to a chapter member. These scholarships are called the Golden Key Chapter Scholarships. Local chapter leadership chooses the scholarship recipients. Factors for selection include academic accomplishments, leadership in collegiate activities and participation in extracurricular activities (including Golden Key, if any, work and family commitments and community service.) Please contact your chapter leadership or your regional office for more information.

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Graduate Students, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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