NFMC Wendell Irish Viola Award

Scholarship Provided by : National Federation of Music Clubs (AR)

Scholarship Amount

$1,000 USD

Application Deadline

March 01, 2017


1. To encourage viola students to continue study with a teacher of the recipient’s choice by
providing financial assistance.
2. To hold auditions in each federated state to select first place winners, and national first and
second place winners and to award the five annual regional awards.


1. State chairman, selected by each state federation, will attend to promotion of the award in
his/her state and will carry out the state recorded auditions.
2. The national chairman, elected by the National Federation of Music Clubs, will maintain
contact with state chairmen, see that all rules are observed, hold the national auditions by
recording, and announce the annual winners.
3. Chairmen on all levels will have the responsibility of dispensing information regarding the

Application forms and complete information about the auditions are available from NFMC, 1646 Smith Valley
Road, Greenwood, IN 46142, and from regional and state chairmen and the national chairman.
Applicant must be an Individual Junior Member or an active junior club member of the NFMC. Contact the
state chairman for membership requirements.
Applicant must have reached the 12th but not the 19th birthday by March 1 of the audition year.
Applicant must be a native citizen of the United States of America or must have received naturalization papers
(either the applicant or parents).
Former winners are not eligible to compete.
Applicant must enter in his/her state of residence.
Application is by CD performance only. The performance must be on a CD recording, playable on a CD player
not computer.

There are no specific repertoire requirements, but applicant must perform at least two pieces selected from
contrasting style periods “Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Contemporary, and American (preferably US). As a
guide in the selection of compositions to be performed, the following list is offered. Remember this is not a
required list; it is provided only as an aid in choosing music to be performed.
 Bach: Two contrasting movements from a suite
 Brahms: One movement from a sonata
 First or last movement of a work from the Classical or Romantic Period such as a concerto by Stamitz,
Hoffmeister or Berlioz
 Mozart: Movement #1 of Sonatina in C Major
 Schumann; Movement #4 from Marchenbilder
 Ferguson: Scherzo from Four Short Pieces
 A representative work or portion from the 20th Century; i.e. a short piece or a movement from one of the
 concertos or sonatas of Bloch, Bartok, Hindemith, Walton, Persichetti, etc.
The CD performance must be received by the state chairman postmarked by February 1. Following the state
adjudication, the state winner‘s CD will be sent to the national chairman postmarked by March 1.

 Send to the state chairman by February 1: Two completed copies of the application form (JR 11-2),
performance CD, birth certificate or naturalization papers, proof of NFMC membership, three copies of
titles of compositions and composers of repertoire on the CD. (Do not send copies of the scores).
AUDITIONS: State Level
Applications by CD will be judged at the state level under the supervision of the state chairman and the state
president. The CD must not exceed twenty (20) minutes in length. Live auditions are not allowed.
If there is only one applicant in the state, the CD must be heard by the state president, the state chairman and
one additional qualified judge. If there is more than one applicant, the chairman must secure three competent
Supply each judge with one copy of the Judge’s Rating Sheet (JR 11-3) for each applicant with a code letter for
the applicant. The judge should indicate a rating for each applicant. The state chairman should fill out the
auditor’s tally sheet (JR 11-4). Both of these forms are available from NFMC Headquarters.
Inform all state applicants (including the state winner) of the results of the state competition. Return the three
adjudication sheets and the performance CD to applicants who are not winners. Return the three adjudication
sheets of the winner of the state level after making a photocopy to send to the national chairman with the
winner’s CD.
Send to the National Chairman postmarked by March 1 for the winner only:
Winner’s CD
One copy of the application
Copy of birth certificate or naturalization papers
Proof of NFMC membership
Three copies of a list of the titles of compositions and composers of repertoire on the CD (do not
send copies of scores)
One copy of each judge’s rating sheet
One copy of the Adjudicators Tally Sheet
AUDITIONS: National Level
State chairmen must send the application materials and CD of their state winner to the national chairman
postmarked by March 1 to be adjudicated at the national level by a panel of distinguished authorities in the field
of music who are teachers of strings.
Do not write the applicant’s name on the CD.
The national chairman will inform the first and second place winners and the five regional winners, the
regional chairman, and the state chairmen, of the results when adjudication is completed. Regional and state
chairmen are responsible for local publicity for the winners.

Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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