Princess Grace Awards

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Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

July 31, 2016


Working in conjunction with nominating schools and non-profit companies, the Princess Grace Awards recognize the talent of individual artists in theater, dance, and film.

This unique collaborative process fills vast voids in the artistic community: scholarships, apprenticeships, and fellowships give emerging artists the financial assistance and encouragement to focus on artistic excellence; monetary support for the nominating organizations eases fundraising challenges, directing resources toward the creative process.

Awards winners are selected annually by panels of experts in each field. Panelists review written material in advance of coming together to review all materials and discuss nominees. Panelists rotate yearly and are selected by the Chairs of Theater, Dance, and Film respectively, based on their knowledge and experience in each field.

Please visit the Guidelines section of the website for specific details pertaining to each category of the core Princess Grace Awards.


Application process
The Princess Grace Awards application is a 2-step online process requiring the input of both the nominee and the nominating organization. The nominee and nominating organization will each create separate accounts to facilitate the submission of the required documents, but need to work in conjunction with one another.

To begin, the nominee will create an account using his/her preferred email address (**see below). Once the login has been created, the nominee will be able to work on his/her application and will be able to save progress in the application, log out, and return to the application at a later date, until the final form is submitted.

Nominee Information: Here the nominee provides their personal demographic information.
Nominating Organization Information: Here, the nominee inputs contact information for the nominating organization. The email used in the requested organizational contact field should be for the individual who will submit the organizational documents for the nominating organization. Once the nominee inputs the information on this page and presses “continue,” an email will be automatically generated to the organizational contact, thereby activating the nominating organization’s module of the application. Required written materials: There will be spaces provided to upload the required written materials. Documents must be uploaded as Word or PDF documents. Required budgets (Choreography/Film) should be submitted in Excel.
Work Samples: The nominee is asked to identify, describe and submit work samples through this section. Only vimeo, youtube, and facebook hosted videos can be accepted.
The nominee will be given the chance to review the application before submitting, but once submitted, the nominee will no longer be able to view his/her application. An email confirmation will be sent to the nominee upon submission.
Nominating Organization
As mentioned, once the nominee completes Section 2 of the application, the nominating organization will receive an email from the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. The email will provide a link to set up the nominating organization’s own application account. A temporary password will be supplied, and the nominating organization will have the option to change the login information to a password of its choice. Once the login has been created, the nominator will be able to save progress in the application, and return to the application at a later date, until the final form is submitted.

There will be spaces provided to upload Word or PDF documents for the required materials.
Once the nominating organization finishes the application, they will be given the opportunity to review the application before submitting. Once submitted, the nominating organization will no longer be able to view the application.
An email confirmation will be sent to the organization contact upon submission. The Princess Grace Award grant application is now complete!
If you would like to keep a hard copy of your application, you have the option to print your application in the review section of both application components.

Should the nominee or nominating organization have any issue at any part of the application process, please email Diana Kemppainen or call 212.317.1470.


Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, African American
Graduate Students, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen

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