Fellowship Award

Scholarship Provided by : Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

March 15, 2017


Electronically submit online At-a-Glance form BEFORE submitting other materials.

All application materials must arrive at the offices of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation on or before the deadline.  Materials should be in the checklist sequence and numbered consecutively. Do not staple any part of the application. Notify the Foundation immediately of any changes to the contact information provided in the application.

Along with the original application (hard copy), applicants must submit a USB flash drive, clearly labeled with the sponsor's and applicant's names, with all required materials. ALL FILES MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT. Number your PDF files to correspond to the listing below. To ensure proper organization of the files, title your files:

Applicant's last name-Sponsor's last name, file #


Example: If the applicant's name is John Smith and the sponsor's name is Jane Doe, the files should be named:Smith-Doe, 1.pdf
Smith-Doe, 2.pdf
Smith-Doe, 3.pdf

Applicants applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors should use an ampersand between the co-sponsors' names. 

Example: If the applicant's name is John Smith and co-sponsors' names are Jane Doe and Jack Jones, the files should be named:

Smith-Doe & Jones, 1.pdf
Smith-Doe & Jones, 2.pdf
Smith-Doe & Jones, 3.pdf


Applicants must have completed one or more of the following degrees or its equivalent: M.D., Ph.D., M.D./Ph.D., D.D.S. or D.V.M. Applicants should submit an application cover sheet, sponsor's biographical sketch, CV, degree certificate, letter, research proposal, summary of research form, up to three reprints of work and four letters of reference. This is a three-year award with various deadlines and funding. The research must be conducted at a university, hospital or research institution. International candidates may apply to do their research only in the United States.


Application cover sheet
Sponsor’s biographical sketch and list of current funding
Sponsor’s letter
Sponsor's mentorship track record
Applicant’s CV
Applicant’s letter
Applicant's career statement
Research proposal
Applicant’s degree certificate
Summary of research form
11a,b,c. Up to three different reprints of the applicant’s publications (PDF only)
12a,b. Up to two collaboration letters
A merged PDF of items 1-12, omitting 9 (degree certificate)
[For applicants applying under the mentorship of two Sponsors, each co-sponsor must submit a biographical sketch and list of current funding (labeled 2a and 2b). The sponsor letter should be written jointly by both sponsors, but each co-Sponsor must submit an individual track record of mentorship (labeled 4a and 4b) with list of graduate and postdoctoral fellows trained.]

Send Complete Application hard copy and USB flash drive to:Award Programs
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway, Suite 302
New York, NY  10006

Reference Letters
Referees must submit their letters using our reference letter form on or before the application deadline. Please download and send the form to your referees or direct them to our website.

THREE (3) LETTERS OF REFERENCE ARE REQUIRED from qualified individuals, other than the candidate’s Sponsor, who can evaluate the candidate's qualifications for the proposed research project and assess the candidate's potential for successful independent cancer research.  Referees are also asked to rank the applicant's intellectual capacity and research potential in comparison with others at a comparable career stage, indicating the comparison group and citing specific examples for their assessment.  For candidates with a PhD, one of the reference letters must come from the candidate's thesis advisor.

Referees must e-mail (letters@damonrunyon.org) OR fax (917.591.4780) their letters to the Foundation as PDFs on or before the application deadline.  Do not follow up with a hard copy.  Please submit the form and letter as a single PDF named: "Candidate last name- Sponsor last name (Referee last name)." If the referee was the candidate's thesis advisor, include "ADV" after the referee's last name.  For referees who are writing letters on behalf of more than one candidate, please submit each letter separately.

Graduate Students

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