Raymond Davis Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

Various Amount

Application Deadline

October 01, 2017


This scholarship was established in memory of Raymond Davis, a nationally recognized and highly-esteemed pioneer in the areas of photographic sensitometry, colorimetry, and microphotography.

To apply for the Raymond Davis Scholarship, please fill out the Davis Application form and remit to IS&T as noted.


The applicant must be an undergraduate who has completed two academic years of study or a graduate-level student. He or she must be a full-time student at an accredited institution pursuing an academic degree. The acceptance of this scholarship does not preclude the acceptance of additional fellowships, assistant positions, scholarships, or similar awards. The Society may bypass the award if there is no candidate judged suitable by the committee. Applicants do not have to be members of IS&T.

• Educational background, listing undergraduate and graduate schools attended (name of school,
department, dates of attendance, and degree obtained).
• A CV/resume listing the companies you have worked for, your position(s), description(s) of duties, dates
of employment, and name(s) and contact information for your supervisor(s).
• Outline your career objectives and indicate how the academic/research work you propose to undertake
will help you realize your goals.
• Supporting letters from at least two persons who are familiar with your academic goals and
accomplishments and are able to judge its quality.
• An official transcript of your college record.
• A list of additional references.
• If you are a graduate student, an abstract of your plan for advanced study, research, and thesis topic.

Junior, Senior, Graduate Students

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