Joseph C. Johnson Memorial Grant

Scholarship Amount

$750 USD

Application Deadline

April 01, 2016


This grant honors the late Joseph C. Johnson, CET, who was a long-time ASCET member and former Northeast Regional Vice
President. Certified in 1970 as a senior engineering technician, Mr. Johnson had a distinguished career in federal government
service at both the David Taylor Model Basin and the U.S. Naval Authority Command, Chesapeake Division, Washington, D.C.
This grant is in the amount of $750.00 to be used to offset the cost of tuition, books and lab fees.

Applications will be evaluated by the Financial Aid Committee which will determine eligibility and forward its
recommendations to the president of ASCET. Should the committee recommend more than one possible recipient, the
Executive Committee will select the most deserving candidate.


1. Meet the following minimum grade average:
2 points on a 3 point system
3 points on a 4 point system
4 points on a 5 point system
5 points on a 6 point system

2. Be an American citizen or a legal resident of the country in which the applicant is currently living.
3. Be either a student, certified, regular or registered member of ASCET.
4. Be a full or part-time student of Engineering Technology. If you are going for a BS in Engineering, you are not eligible
for this grant
NOTE: Students in a two year program should apply in the first year to receive the grant for their second year. Students
in a four year program who apply during their third year may receive the grant for their fourth year.
5. Be qualified for financial aid under the Federal Work Study Program.
6. Show financial need, as verified by the Dean or Registrar of Engineering Technology, at the Financial Aid Office at the
institution the applicant is attending.

1. Complete the APPLICATION FORM.
2. Attach a PERSONAL RESUME to include a statement of your goals in the field of Engineering Technology.
3. Assure that the appropriate institution official completes the information on the STATEMENT OF ENROLLMENT and
4. Obtain one (1) written RECOMMENDATION from a faculty member of the Engineering Technology Department which
outlines your motivation, progress, outstanding achievements and an evaluation of your potential in the field of
engineering technology.
5. Obtain two (2) written RECOMMENDATIONS outlining your association, motivation and potential for success, from
personal acquaintances, employer or former employer.
6. Be sure all documents are mailed in sufficient time for receipt by the ASCET Office no later than April 1.
NOTE: Failure to complete or include any items in the application package may be grounds for rejection of the
application unless the committee, at its discretion, is able to notify you of the incomplete or omitted items and such items
are submitted within the evaluation period time schedule.
7. This package should contain:
E:4.10.02 Application Form
E:4.10.03 Statement of Enrollment and Financial Aid
E:4.10.04 Sample Recommendation Letter (faculty)
E:4.10.05 Sample Recommendation Letter (acquaintance)


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