Corrosion Division Morris Cohen Graduate Student Award

Scholarship Provided by : Electrochemical Society

Scholarship Amount

$1,000 USD

Application Deadline

December 15, 2017


Established in 1991 to recognize outstanding graduate research in the field of corrosion science and/or engineering.

The purpose of the Award is to recognize and reward outstanding graduate research in the field of corrosion science and/or engineering. Such early recognition of highly qualified corrosion scientists and/or engineers is intended to encourage especially promising researchers to remain active in the field after their graduate research is completed.

The award is named after Dr. Morris Cohen, a renowned expert in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion science. Dr. Cohen was the first recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Corrosion Division (in 1973), as well as the Olin-Palladium Medal (in 1983) and the Willis Rodney Whitney Award of NACE (in 1960). During a distinguished career at the National Research Council of Canada that spanned nearly 40 years, he authored more than 100 scientific papers and advised 24 Post-Doctoral Fellows who have distinguished themselves in research. Dr. Cohen was active in The Electrochemical Society as a Divisional Editor, organizer of the Second International Symposium on Passivity in Toronto in 1962, etc.


Nature of Award
The Award, to be given annually, shall consist of a certificate plus $1000.00 U.S. Assistance, up to a maximum of $1000.00 U.S., can also be provided for un-reimbursed travel to help the recipient attend the Society meeting at which the presentation is made. The total funding available for this award shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Corrosion Division. Funding for the Award will be provided by the Morris Cohen Graduate Student Award Fund.

The Award, for outstanding Masters or PhD work, is open to Graduate Students who have successfully completed all the requirements for their degrees as testified to by the student's advisor, within a period of two years prior to the nomination submission deadline. An unsuccessful nomination will automatically remain active for the following year if there is remaining eligibility. The successful candidate is expected to present a lecture on his or her research work at a Corrosion Division symposium at the fall meeting of the Society in the year that the Award is given.

Nomination may be made by the applicant's research supervisor of anyone familiar with the nominee's research work. In the latter case, the nomination must also include a letter from the research supervisor.

In addition to the nomination letter, the following is required.

A summary of the nominee's Masters or PhD research work outlining, in 2 to 3 (double spaced) pages the most important aspects of the work and the resultant contributions to corrosion science and technology. The candidate's promise as a future corrosion scientist and/or engineer should be considered in light of the student's contribution to the research program as distinct from those of the professor.
A list of the nominee's publications, reports, memberships and involvement with scientific societies, awards received, etc.
Copy of the candidate's academic record, and reprints or preprints of publications.
Any other pertinent information which might assist the members of the Awards Committee in assessing the candidate.
The date on which all requirements for the degree were completed.
All information must be sent directly to the Chairman of the Award Committee of the Corrosion Division, to be received prior to December 15 of the year before the Award is given. Application material will not be returned to the nominators. The manner of processing the entries and judging the Award applicants shall be decided by the Award Committee.

Award Committee
The Award Committee shall consist of at least three persons to be appointed by the Chairman of the Corrosion Division with approval by the Executive Committee. One of these individuals will be designated "Chairman" of the Award Committee, and will report the committee's recommendations to the Division Chairman by February 15 of the year of the Award presentation. The Chairman of the Corrosion Division will inform the Honors and Awards Committee before April 1 as to the recommended recipient of the Award. The recipient of the Award will be informed on or before June 1 by the Corrosion Division Chairman after approval of the nominee by the Honors and Awards Committee and notification of the Board of Directors. The recipient will be expected to make a presentation, and receive the award, at the fall meeting in that year.

Award Committee Appointed:
By July 1 of year prior to award presentation

Call for Nominations submitted to Society for publication in a Society or Division publication distributed to all Division members:
By July 15 of year prior to award presentation

Announcement of Call for Nominations at Annual Division Business Meeting:
At fall meeting of year prior to award presentation

Deadline for Nominations:
December 15 of year prior to award being given

Award Committee report to Executive Committee:
By February 15 of year in which award is given

Executive Committee decision:
By March 1of year in which award is given

Forwarding of the name of the recipient to Honors and Awards and notification to Board of Directors:
At spring meeting of year in which award is given

Recipient notified by Division Chair:
By June 1 of year in which award is given

News release information supplied to Society headquarters for inclusion in a Society publication distributed to all Division Members:
By July 1 of year in which award is given

Citation for Award Scroll supplied to Society headquarters:
By July 1 of Year in which award is given

Award Presentation and Lecture:
At the fall meeting

Graduate Students

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