Briana Blackwelder MCU Equal Access Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Provided by : Midwives College of Utah

Scholarship Amount

$24,000 USD

Application Deadline

March 06, 2017


MCU believes that all women who seek midwifery education should be able to access it. Unfortunately, too often, this is not a reality and midwifery education, along with the midwifery profession at-large, suffers without diverse communities and representation. We want to continue to be the change we wish to see in the midwifery community; therefore, we have created an initiative to broaden the cultural landscape of our college. As part of MCU’s Diversity Initiative (, we have expanded the Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund. The objective of this fund is to provide tuition scholarship support to women from underrepresented communities desiring an education in midwifery at MCU. Specifically, recipients of the Equal Access Scholarship will receive three semesters of tuition relief (i.e. tuition waivers) at MCU with the option for continuation of the scholarship, based upon continued eligibility, for up to four years of tuition relief. The scholarship is designed to provide complete tuition relief for obtainment of the ASM degree, but may alternatively be applied toward progression in the BSM or MSM program.

African American, American Indian, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander
Freshmen, Sophomore

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