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Instill confidence and motivation by empowering students to take ownership of their own education path.

Hear what People are Saying

Understand Self & Discover Passion

The self-discovery tools in SchooLinks help students develop confidence and motivation to jump start the complicated college and career planning process. By uncovering interests and strengths through behavioral analytics, we help students truly understand themselves and find their passion.

Try out our swipeable interactive personality survey yourself.

Find Your Path

Career Mapping & Exploration

The interactive personality surveys on SchooLinks harness behavioral analytics and feed the matching algorithm that maps personality profiles to career pathways for students to picture what their future could hold.

SchooLinks career center engages students to learn about the careers of interest in-depth to better prepare students in the future. More specifically, SchooLinks offers trendy careers with high job growth in addition to BLS data with salary information, video content and major mapping to ensure students fully understand what a career of interest entails.

Explore Careers

College Exploration & Personalized College Profiles

SchooLinks’ initial discovery experience is tailored to excite and foster a college-going mentality. As students interact with the SchooLinks platform we use machine learning algorithms to learn students' interests and tailor the content and suggestions they see.

During college exploration, each student sees a dynamically personalized college profile with statistics that are only relevant to them, such as the the percentage of graduates in fields of study they've expressed interest in or their travel time to a campus. On top of that, we provide virtual reality campus tour for students to to explore. Our goal is to help all middle school students see themselves in college.


A season based college & career readiness curriculum. Many schools do not have a structured college and career readiness curriculum that is trackable. The SchooLinks College Planner is a streamlined, season-based to do list that helps students see a clear and actionable path to achieve their success.

The planner is a blended learning solution for students, supplementing in-person counseling and learning. So that students can take ownership of their own college and career path. The planner also provides counselors and parents a clear view of students path to college, and the ability to track and intervene when it’s needed.

Start Planning


College and career success is a journey that involves multiple stakeholders, therefore, SchooLinks centralizes all resources, todo’s and communication amongst all stakeholders, so that everyone is on the same page.

Counselors, parents and administrators have dashboards that monitors students reports.

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