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ost win-contribution - an investment in their education and in their children's education. Study Abroad - a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge, together with valuable business and life skills.
Every year thousands of students go to study abroad for high-quality teaching, international diploma, an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn the culture of the country selected.
And, importantly, the education received abroad, listed domestic and foreign employers, so the money invested in his studies, returned more quickly!
In deciding whether or not to choose overseas education, it is necessary to take into account the following facts:
- If you are self-enrolled in foreign universities recommended by the Center for International Programs "Bolashak", you have the opportunity to receive this scholarship and to compensate for all costs associated with the receipt;
- Students enrolled in the long-term academic programs, have the right to earn money while studying, which can significantly offset the cost of education abroad;
- Graduates who have received higher education in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, has the right to stay in these countries operate. And this is a good opportunity to get work experience in foreign companies and significantly recoup the cost of getting an education abroad.

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