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At the dawn of the third millennium, student mobility is a striking phenomenon of our era.
The idea to go abroad for a year or more away from home, now more than ever invades the minds of young people worldwide.
Each year, new cooperation agreements are signed and twinning between different actors in the field of education: Under the supervision of the ministries, universities and various organizations involved directly or indirectly in the context of scientific research , signing annual exchange of researchers, teachers and students convetions.
Today, it becomes clear that this phenomenon is not unique to countries without good educational systems. It seems to be one of the results of globalization, if not one of its indispensable tools.
In order to orient and support young people wishing to emigrate under study, we tried through the design of this website, to popularize the procedure. A procedure that nevertheless remains complex, given the diversity of systems, systems already in perpetual mutation.

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