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1.Handling charge transfer learning to quickly and honestly as if students transfer the learning to be transferred to schools abroad. On the same day, or if there are extenuating circumstances. Be transferred the next day No bill pending in the accounts of the company.
2. no charge consultation. And shall inform the other. Upcoming notice. Such as translating documents
3. Provide all students Correctly by checking the details before the update will provide students with inquiry.
4. No promise of what is possible with the students. What do students say honestly that I do not and I will help things.
5. helping all students are fully capable.
6. Counseling Friendly And considerate to each other There is a good relationship between them.
7. Visa processed Target is discreet as possible as quickly as possible to the student visa to study at all.
8. Keep personal matters confidential student critics not to judge and to listen with sympathy. Not brought out to speak to the other.

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No. 60 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Room A109 [the Bank]. Avenue New Ratchadapisek Road

Bangkok, Thailand

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