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Cixi Universal EDU offers educational programs for local students in Cixi, China and Sydney, Australia. Our school is a member of University of Sydney Foundation Program. The programs offered by us will be using Australia-based college preparatory program textbooks within an international educational context. Our curriculum is aligned to University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Our services includes primarily Ielts and Toefl preparation; SAT and AP foundation courses. Our teaching team has adopted a thorough principal in terms of teaching, that is, “ student is physically and mentally different, and there is no such a thing as generic teaching style that can be applied to every student, the bottom line is to never treat students as if they were programed machine.” We have never stopped pursuing the development of leadership and social decency for our students.

环球公学为中国大陆与澳大利亚悉尼、墨尔本区的亚裔学生提供诸如雅思、托福、SAT与AP等国际精英课程的历史可追溯到2010年。我们的教学团队秉承着且切实的实行着一个理念,也就是“每一个孩子都有着自己独到的见解与仅属于他们的未来,我们不应把孩子看作流水线上印有同样商标的产品.” 我们渴望孩子掌握优秀的课本知识外,学会众多非智力因素的品质,例如领袖能力,公众演讲能力,团队合作能力等。我们自始至终传承,让孩子终生受益的品能。

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