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"Business Link" - is a modern educational agency. We - England only for you - only the elite service. We are convinced to learn - it's interesting to learn English (the language of intercultural communication, the language of international relations, the language of modern successful business) in the UK - it is always effectively and quickly, but may not be so easy for beginners. And again and again boast a

s the wonderful country of Albion, which, contrary to stereotypes, very sunny, blooming and friendly - it is always great and informative. We present a good mix of modern education abroad: your studies in England - this is your future career, and your impeccable English language, and your vacation, and your interesting tours and travels at an amazing country.

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8, Ilyinskaya Str. Entrance # 8, 6th floor

Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

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+380 44 494 2080

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