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We talk about quality is not simply a slogan devoid of content. Our choice from the outset has been to provide independent advice . Thanks to this position without restriction or exclusivity obligations, we are able to advise the goals and the schools with the highest standards. S A ccording level of control and a guarantee of seriousness is made ​​by the accession of selected major teaching centers "circuits" of member schools to ensure the best quality of services. Not only that. The colleges and schools, have the most important official recognition issued by organizations and institutional bodies in charge of the verification of educational requirements and hospitality. Only schools that meet stringent quality standards can become a part of the organizations and associations listed below. These ensure the quality of the note by the verification of the membership criteria, tight controls and periodic monitoring and inspections.

In preparing our courses we thought about how important it is leisure. For those who work is a scarce resource for students is a right time to deepen and for those who have already stopped working is an opportunity to enrich their knowledge. 's why we wanted an easy approach that allows to leave stress "by teaching "and that predisposes to the natural learning. The course topics are treated with care, professionalism and harmony, the study Stays designed to guarantee the highest standards of teaching and accoglienxa; travel, the next insertion, but will report to magnificent places so original and out of the norm of mass tourism. Moreover, the environment is certainly professional but at the same time deliberately family, except in the most noble of the term.

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Via Santo Stefano, 164 - 40125

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

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School Registration Visa Application University Application Airplane Tickets Accommodation Placement


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